Day In A Life

Here was a day in my life this week:

Up at 6:30 a.m., showered, dressed, hair, makeup
Woke up Paul
Picked out all clothes; got Sammy and Annabel dressed, supervised Lucy dressing
Brushed the kids' teeth, did their hair - bows and pigtails today - but not for Sam ;)
Prepared, served and cleaned up breakfast (with help from Paul)
Packed snack and backpack for Lucy
Found shoes and jacket for Lucy
Helped Paul buckle Lucy into her new booster seat; he does school drop off, which is so nice!
Had two cups of cold coffee (can't get to it while hot because of interruptions)
Checked email; what? no inquiries about my items for sale on craigslist?
Changed a poopy diaper
Fed Sammy a bottle
Played three games of Zingo and two games of Hi-Ho-Cherry-O with Annabel; she's adorable even when she loses
Changed sheets on girls' beds and Sam's crib
Played with Sam: among other games, Chase! He giggles like crazy
Broke up tussles between Sammy and Annabel over the big kid chairs in the family room; Sam climbs everything now, including people, and Annie doesn't want him on top of her
Put Sam down for a nap
Fed Annabel a snack
Unloaded the dishwasher
Put a load in the clothes dryer, put a load in the washer
Supervised bathroom visit (Annabel refuses to go solo)
Found shoes/socks for Annabel and put them on
Woke up Sammy
Piled them in the double stroller to walk to Lucy's school for pick up
Chatted with the neighbors on the way to pick up
Had to practically run to school pushing the million pound kids in double stroller because chatted too long (80 degrees today, so arrived sweating)
Class lets out at 11:35 a.m.; praised Lucy for good behavior - she got an apple hand stamp - great!
Walked back with Lucy's classmate and her mom - talked about her work and explained my past work history
Forgot the mom's name three minutes after we introduced ourselves. Tammy maybe???
Got home; prepared lunch, served lunch, cleaned up lunch
Supervised bathroom visit
Nap for Annabel - didn't know it at the time but she would refuse to sleep
Talked about Lucy's day at school; looked at completed worksheets and homework to be done
Played with Lucy and Sam
Cheered Sammy for more standing and more solo steps!!! (Note to self: must post this exciting new development to blog.)
Broke up fights between Sam and Lucy at the train table (she loves setting things up and doing her train stories; he loves wrecking things and throwing trains)
Fed Sam a bottle
Changed diaper
Annabel up without napping
Got mail from mailman - Grandma sent new Laurie Berkner CDs and DVD! How fun!
Sam down for a nap
Put on Laurie Berkner DVD so I could sweep kitchen and living room
Lucy spun in circles to the music until she was motion sick; had to sit her down for a break
Sam up without napping (what is up with these no nappers?)
Changed diaper
Supervised bathroom visits before afternoon outing
Found all socks and shoes and put them on
Prepared to-go water/snacks for all kids
Went to pet store, bought cat food; let girls pet a friendly pit bull named Honey
Had long talk afterward in van about proper interaction with dogs/dog owners, especially pit bulls, who have the strongest jaws of domestic canines
Broke budget (again) by going through drive thru for a tall mocha (full fat, with whip, $3.00 - it's just WRONG!)
Went to playgroup at the park at 4:00 p.m.
Lucy, ready to play, said, "Mommy, I don't feel 'commotion sick' anymore!" :)
Annabel fell exiting the van; administered first aid for her scraped knee and gave hug for tears
Sammy finally fell asleep on the way to the park, so transferred him from car seat to stroller without waking him (woohoo!)
Tried to get Annabel to pee in the bushes without success (these girls just can't pee outside!); went to car for the little potty instead (why can't our parks have restrooms?), deposited baggy from potty in waste bin
Forgot Annabel's water in the van, went back to get it
Pushed kids on swings
Reminded Lucy to play nicely
Chatted with adult friends during playgroup (best part of playgroup!)
Left park, avoided the freeway because of traffic
Van starts flashing "CHECK GAS CAP"
Pulled over, checked gas cap (lots of clicks, it's on for sure!)
Van still flashing "CHECK GAS CAP"
Great, will have to take van to dealer tomorrow
Got home, shoes come off and tan bark all over living room
Children crying with hunger
Put on "Berenstain Bears" program
Prepared and served dinner
Gave Sam his daily antibiotic for his VUR - he spits it out (again); try again (need new flavor!)
Got call from Paul mid-dinner to find Sam's SS number for some work forms he had to fill out that very moment
Searched all areas of very disorganized home mid-dinner and finally found it in the first place I looked (how'd I miss it the first time?); broke Lucy's plaster hand cast from preschool in process of searching (yes, a few tears were shed - mine); kicked self for disorganization and for breaking something I cherish
Left dinner mess and got kids upstairs for baths as it was getting late
Girls played in their room while I drew Sam's bath; heard one very loud thud but was false alarm - no injuries
Bathed Sam, dressed in jammies, teeth brushed, gave flouride and put him in crib with goodnight kiss and his beloved paci
Forgot his blankie (was going to wash it but didn't find the time) so he wailed for a bit until I figured out what was wrong and put it back in his crib
Bathed Lucy and Annabel; was very late so gave them less play time, so when bath ended tears flowed because they wanted more play time
Got Lucy's jammies, she dressed herself; got Annabel dressed
Hair combed, teeth brushed and flossed and gave flouride for the girls
Story, hugs, kisses and lights out at 8:15 p.m.
Went downstairs to clean the kitchen and pick up toys from a day's worth of play (toy bomb goes off daily)
Checking email; uploading photos to Kodak Gallery - long overdue!
Ignoring two loads of unfolded laundry because I want to post this blog entry

Paul will be home soon...


  1. A day in the life. Very good.

    I like the part of forgeting other mom's name 3 minutes after introducing yourselves. I thought only I did that.

    Enjoy these times, they go by fast...

  2. Wow...very detailed...and sounds so you ever get upset or frustrated in a day like that?! It's pretty much my day, too...with a little less help as hubby is gone early and home after I've fed the kids...but probably not as late as your husband...I guess our mommy days with the kids are very parallel...thanks for posting's nice to know I am not the only one :) Love all the pics of the kids, too!


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