Annabel's First Day of Preschool

Annabel started preschool on Tuesday. She truly loves it. She was familiar with the school because Lucy went there and so she marched in like she owned it. She has the same classroom and teachers that Lucy had and they were pleased to have her. She jumped right in and was all smiles all day. We are thrilled that she's doing so well!

Annabel is all ready and so excited!

Sweet girl.

We are on our way.

Sam is ready to go too!

Annabel in front of the preschool. She can hardly wait to get inside.

Daddy putting on Annabel's nametag.

Annabel finds her name plate.

One of her teachers helping her put her name plate on the attendance board.

Annie loves the science shelves. When she was 2 she would always stop here first when we dropped Lucy off.

She caught a fish!

Playing with new friends.

At pick up she is still full of smiles. Such a cute pie!


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