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Sammy Stands and Walks Now!

Our little guy started pushing himself up to a standing position all by himself on Sept. 8th. He looks so proud! We are too. I love how wide-set his little legs are; it's all about the balancing act.
A week later on Sept. 15th Sammy took his first steps. I've been trying to capture it on video ever since but have had limited success. Below is a snippet of a couple attempts. He is getting more and more confident and I bet by late October he will be walking well. Sad to see the crawling stage come to an end for my last baby. I will enjoy it for these last few weeks!

Standing alone and so proud!

More attempts at walking with Mommy cheering him on. (As you can see we have several others vying for my attention: the cat (you can only see Stimpy's tail going by a few times) and Annabel doing acrobatics on the girls' chairs.)

Day In A Life

Here was a day in my life this week:

Up at 6:30 a.m., showered, dressed, hair, makeup
Woke up Paul
Picked out all clothes; got Sammy and Annabel dressed, supervised Lucy dressing
Brushed the kids' teeth, did their hair - bows and pigtails today - but not for Sam ;)
Prepared, served and cleaned up breakfast (with help from Paul)
Packed snack and backpack for Lucy
Found shoes and jacket for Lucy
Helped Paul buckle Lucy into her new booster seat; he does school drop off, which is so nice!
Had two cups of cold coffee (can't get to it while hot because of interruptions)
Checked email; what? no inquiries about my items for sale on craigslist?
Changed a poopy diaper
Fed Sammy a bottle
Played three games of Zingo and two games of Hi-Ho-Cherry-O with Annabel; she's adorable even when she loses
Changed sheets on girls' beds and Sam's crib
Played with Sam: among other games, Chase! He giggles like crazy
Broke up tussles between Sammy and Annabel over the big kid chairs in the family room; Sa…

Annabel's First Day of Preschool

Annabel started preschool on Tuesday. She truly loves it. She was familiar with the school because Lucy went there and so she marched in like she owned it. She has the same classroom and teachers that Lucy had and they were pleased to have her. She jumped right in and was all smiles all day. We are thrilled that she's doing so well!

Annabel is all ready and so excited!
Sweet girl.

We are on our way.

Sam is ready to go too!

Annabel in front of the preschool. She can hardly wait to get inside.

Daddy putting on Annabel's nametag.

Annabel finds her name plate.

One of her teachers helping her put her name plate on the attendance board.

Annie loves the science shelves. When she was 2 she would always stop here first when we dropped Lucy off.

She caught a fish!

Playing with new friends.

At pick up she is still full of smiles. Such a cute pie!

Lucy's First Day of School

Lucy's first day of school was Aug. 24. She is a kindergartener now. Hard to believe. She absolutely adores school. She was so excited the first day. She's done so well and is actually picking up how to read already. We've done a few projects for homework and she completely throws herself into it. She thinks her teacher is very nice and she strives to behave well so she can get that all important hand stamp at the end of the day. I couldn't be happier with how much she loves school! We are so proud!

All dressed up, with big backpack on and ready to go!

Both girls jumping on the black top waiting for the gate to be opened.

Toothless kindergartener smile!

Finding her hook for her backpack and snack bag.

Waiting in line to go into her classroom. So impatient and excited!

Waving bye-bye to mommy from her spot on the rug.

Sitting for her first circle time (not much room for a circle because of the small room, but the kids don't seem to notice).

Class is over. Lucy got a han…