Sammy's Baptism and More Birthday Celebration

Sammy was baptized a week after he turned 1. We were so pleased to have my grandparents, who we call Nona and Grandpa Red, Sam's godmother Hauna, as well as James, Lesli and their daughter Ruby in attendance. He did wonderfully as usual - no tears and was quiet as a mouse during the whole thing. After the ceremony we went back to the house where the girls played together (so nicely!), and Paul, Nona and I pulled together a tasty dinner.

We had such a nice visit with Grandpa Red and Nona. We all love when family visits but the girls really go crazy for them. Annabel is smitten with Grandpa Red; let's just say there were a lot of ballet performances by Annie just for him. She also gave him one of her dolls so he would sleep better being away from home. Lucy also took to her great grandparents so well, and when Nona was resting on the couch she was sure to tuck her in with a throw so she would be cozy. We can't wait until the next gathering of friends and family.

Paul with Sammy.

The baptism.

Hauna, Sammy and James, who stood in for Paul's brother Mark, the godfather, who could not make the trip from England.

Sammy and me.

We celebrated his birthday once again with family and friends.

Nona and Grandpa Red.

Ruby loving that blue frosting!

James and Lesli, such a cute couple.

Sammy enjoying more cake. (Wow, no sugar for a whole year, then two big sugar bombs within a week!)

The girls enjoying cake.

Sammy, Me, Grandpa Red, Annabel, Nona and Lucy.

The kids with their great grandparents; I love these fun family group shots.


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