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Sammy's Baptism and More Birthday Celebration

Sammy was baptized a week after he turned 1. We were so pleased to have my grandparents, who we call Nona and Grandpa Red, Sam's godmother Hauna, as well as James, Lesli and their daughter Ruby in attendance. He did wonderfully as usual - no tears and was quiet as a mouse during the whole thing. After the ceremony we went back to the house where the girls played together (so nicely!), and Paul, Nona and I pulled together a tasty dinner.

We had such a nice visit with Grandpa Red and Nona. We all love when family visits but the girls really go crazy for them. Annabel is smitten with Grandpa Red; let's just say there were a lot of ballet performances by Annie just for him. She also gave him one of her dolls so he would sleep better being away from home. Lucy also took to her great grandparents so well, and when Nona was resting on the couch she was sure to tuck her in with a throw so she would be cozy. We can't wait until the next gathering of friends and family.

Paul with Sam…

Sammy Is 1!

Sammy turned 1 year old on Aug. 1st. What a year full of changes. So much happens in that first year of life. I cherished every bit of it, even more so because he's my last baby. He's always been a wonderful baby - so happy and easy going - and now he's growing into a fun little guy. His favorite thing to do right now is play catch with balls, and if a ball is not available any object will do: sippy cups, all manner of toys, clothes, shoes, etc. Things are flying around here!

For quite some time he's communicated primarily through pointing and a few sign language signs, but about a week ago he said his first word (more or less): "ti-to," which for those of you who don't speak Sammy means tick-tock. We have a little KitKat clock with a tail that ticks and tocks. It fascinates him so much that it inspired him to speak. His crawling is lightening fast (the girls scooted on their bottoms so I am used to the slower versions of baby mobility), and he's pulli…

Lucy's Birthday Party

Lucy had her 5th birthday party and it was F-U-N! We got an inflatable water slide and did the place up in The Little Mermaid party decor all festive like. She and her friends really seemed to have a blast. I am still in a state of disbelief that my baby is 5. Where does the time go?

Lucy and Annabel testing out the slide before the guests arrived.
Lucy is not sure about the bucket that spills water down the climbing bit every few minutes but soon warms to the water slide fun.

Sammy and Grandma splashing.

Grandpa watching the girls play.

Authentic Mexican Ariel pinata we got at the San Jose Flea Market.

Annabel having a go. The bat was a little frightening but no one was hurt during the breaking of this pinata.

Cupcakes I made and the big "5".

May all your birthday wishes come true!

Sammy with Grandma. It was all a little confusing for him seeing all the people running around.

Paul watching some of the kids play.

Sammy with godmother Hauna. We had so many open arms for o…