Lucy Is 5!

Lucy turned 5 years old on the 16th. Hard to believe that not long ago she was a tiny baby. She's been through a lot in her short life. We feel blessed to have her with us and that we also have Annabel and Samuel, all healthy and thriving.

To celebrate we went to the Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose. Lucy's not a bit shy and was quick to inform the museum cashier that it was her birthday and she was 5 now, so he gave her some bubbles and free admission too. Bubbles for the bubbly kid! What a nice gesture on their part. She tells everyone she can that she is 5 now; it's really big news.

The kids behaved beautifully (which, honestly, was quite the rare treat for me!) and had a great time exploring everything, making art projects and splashing in the waterworks room. Even Sammy got some time out of the stroller to crawl around in the baby room. I had a few ewww moments in that baby room, but really I have to remember it's all about strengthening the immune system, right?! (And nobody got sick so it turned out just fine.)

Lucy lost her second tooth that day and, just like the first, it also went down the hatch, this time with a huge glob of cheese from her pizza. Someday we'll get a live one to put under her pillow.

Then: Lucy at one week old.

Now: Lucy on her 5th birthday.

The girls rolling coins.

Annabel building at one of the exhibits.

Sammy crawling around in the baby room. (Full drool alert! New teething coming.)

Lucy in the water room.

Annabel enjoying the waterworks.

Lucy driving the firetruck.

Annabel driving the firetruck with fire hat for authenticity (don't tell her that it's on backwards). Too cute!


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