Down the Hatch!

Last week, at still 4 years old, Lucy lost her first tooth. Unfortunately, it was truly lost as she swallowed it right down. It all happened so quickly. One moment we were enjoying our lunch, the next she was in tears telling me she couldn't feel her loose tooth any more. Poor girl.

After quite a few more tears, I convinced her in the end that we would leave a note telling the Tooth Fairy that she'd swallowed her tooth and it wouldn't be under her pillow. Lucy did mention retrieving it at some later point and, being the person that I am, I actually entertained the thought, but in the end I could not do it. If it had been doctor's orders for a swallowed coin, sure, but I know there will be another tooth soon, so I couldn't bear it.

The note did the trick and the Tooth Fairy came and left not only a 'gold' dollar coin but a little something extra for all Lucy's trauma. Nothing like a My Little Pony to clear up swallowed tooth woes. I can't believe she's old enough to be losing teeth already! Growing up too fast.


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