Dirtfest -- Oh, I Mean Camping

We went camping the second weekend of July with quite a few friends at Del Valle Regional Park. During the summer everything is covered in a fine, silky brown dust. The kids eventually are covered from head to toe in this dirt, as the campsite is pretty much the equivalent of one big dust box. They dig, ride bikes to make tracks and even roll around in it to really get a thorough dusting. Camping is a lot of work, especially with a baby who is all about crawling these days, but it's worth it because the kids love every minute of it. We hope to camp once more this season.

This year the kids' favorite things were roasting marshmallows, catching frogs, hiking and swimming at the lake. Seems they are ever more sophisticated with age and are appreciating the great outdoors more and more. They loved making a little habitat for the frogs (which eventually were set free) and exploring out on the trails. All the fun wore them out and we had little problem getting them to sleep despite the excitement of being in a tent. Honestly, it wore us all out. But what an experience it was!

Our family on the last day of camping.

Annabel enjoying the first night's campfire.

Lucy waiting patiently for the fire to be ready to roast marshmallows.

Sam and me. I think he'd just finished gnawing on my shoulder. Could it be more teeth coming?

Annie enjoying smores.

A cute little quail couple I saw while out walking.

Swimming time at the lake.

Sammy skipped the swimming this year but got lots of blanket time before being cooped up in the stroller once again.

Annabel right after making mud castles down by the water spigot.

Campfire on night two: more marshmallows!

Sammy flirting with one of our friends.

Sammy and Paul enjoying the fire.


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