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Lucy Is 5!

Lucy turned 5 years old on the 16th. Hard to believe that not long ago she was a tiny baby. She's been through a lot in her short life. We feel blessed to have her with us and that we also have Annabel and Samuel, all healthy and thriving.

To celebrate we went to the Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose. Lucy's not a bit shy and was quick to inform the museum cashier that it was her birthday and she was 5 now, so he gave her some bubbles and free admission too. Bubbles for the bubbly kid! What a nice gesture on their part. She tells everyone she can that she is 5 now; it's really big news.

The kids behaved beautifully (which, honestly, was quite the rare treat for me!) and had a great time exploring everything, making art projects and splashing in the waterworks room. Even Sammy got some time out of the stroller to crawl around in the baby room. I had a few ewww moments in that baby room, but really I have to remember it's all about strengthening the immune system…

Dirtfest -- Oh, I Mean Camping

We went camping the second weekend of July with quite a few friends at Del Valle Regional Park. During the summer everything is covered in a fine, silky brown dust. The kids eventually are covered from head to toe in this dirt, as the campsite is pretty much the equivalent of one big dust box. They dig, ride bikes to make tracks and even roll around in it to really get a thorough dusting. Camping is a lot of work, especially with a baby who is all about crawling these days, but it's worth it because the kids love every minute of it. We hope to camp once more this season.

This year the kids' favorite things were roasting marshmallows, catching frogs, hiking and swimming at the lake. Seems they are ever more sophisticated with age and are appreciating the great outdoors more and more. They loved making a little habitat for the frogs (which eventually were set free) and exploring out on the trails. All the fun wore them out and we had little problem getting them to sleep despite t…


The girls had their first dance class of the summer (first dance class ever for Annabel) and had a wonderful time. They idolize Angelina Ballerina right now, so this was the cat's meow for them. They loved the pink, pink, pink attire from head to toe, the crafts and the dress up tutus, but most of all they loved the dancing.

I am convinced Annabel is destined to be a dancer. She has a true love of it, all of it! I wasn't able to get good pictures because of the glass viewing window and lack of flash, but I will keep trying and soon show the girls dancing their hearts out.

Down the Hatch!

Last week, at still 4 years old, Lucy lost her first tooth. Unfortunately, it was truly lost as she swallowed it right down. It all happened so quickly. One moment we were enjoying our lunch, the next she was in tears telling me she couldn't feel her loose tooth any more. Poor girl.

After quite a few more tears, I convinced her in the end that we would leave a note telling the Tooth Fairy that she'd swallowed her tooth and it wouldn't be under her pillow. Lucy did mention retrieving it at some later point and, being the person that I am, I actually entertained the thought, but in the end I could not do it. If it had been doctor's orders for a swallowed coin, sure, but I know there will be another tooth soon, so I couldn't bear it.

The note did the trick and the Tooth Fairy came and left not only a 'gold' dollar coin but a little something extra for all Lucy's trauma. Nothing like a My Little Pony to clear up swallowed tooth woes. I can't believe she…