San Diego Zoo

Our day trip to the San Diego Zoo was fun filled but included quite a lot of trekking around. It's a big zoo! We didn't have time to see it all up close but at the end of the day we did take a bus ride to view things from afar. Our favorites were the polar bears, pandas and hippo. The jungle trail (with tigers and more) was extraordinary. Something I'd like to see next time is the gorillas.

Sammy in the stroller. Poor baby is often in the stroller for outings like these.

A hippo right at the glass viewing area. We had never seen one and certainly not this close.

Riding the polar bear statue.

They were active the day we visited.

Lucy has a special affection for polar bears after hearing from me that one day soon they might be extinct.

Annabel viewing the polar bears.

One jumped in for a dip, which was fascinating for the girls.

On the Skyfari ride. It was fast and high but so much fun.

Paul and Sammy on the tour bus. We rode on the top deck of the double decker.

After touring all around the zoo we saw the new elephant exhibit (a new law requires zoos to have more acreage for elephants). One was eating out of the tube.

Watching the elephants eat.

The bus ride put our tired girl to sleep.

And our tired baby boy too.

Giraffes who were quite attentive.

Hello, giraffes!

A peacock showing us his lovely plumage.


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