Our day trip to Legoland was one of the best parts of our vacation. It is a great park for the little ones. Lucy and Annabel loved each and every section, especially The Hideaways ropes course. As for rides the driving school was Lucy's favorite and the airplane ride was Annabel's. I highly recommend this park for kids aged 3 to 8. I only wish it had been a tad warmer so that we could have done the water park, which was huge and looked like a blast. I also wish they stayed open later than 5 p.m. It's odd that they close so early. I think next time we will try to get a two day pass because the kids had such a wonderful time and there was more to enjoy. Tip: the pizza place by the water cannons is very good and not too pricey.

Annabel driving a truck.

Annabel shooting the water cannon at the alligators.

The alligators (not to be confused with elevators, which she pronounces identically at this point. So cute!)

Lucy playing with Legos.

Lucy on the Sky Cruiser.

Waiting in line for the driving school cars. (Lucy is so excited!)

Strapped in and ready to go!

Lucy absolutely loved this ride. Sheer joy on her face the whole time.

After she got off she was so proud of herself because she drove so well.

Sammy in the stroller.

Annabel drove the boat nearly the whole way. Paul had to steer them out of a couple of tight spots, but she did great for not having been a skipper before.

Sammy and me.

Another fun one for Lucy. Annabel was too small to do the Royal Joust so we got her an ice cream treat instead.

This was Annabel's favorite. She loved it so much we went twice.

Lucy in front of the U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C. (made of Legos).

Annabel also there; the scene is of the Obama inauguration. The girls got to be present in Lego spirit.

An up close shot of Obama being sworn in.


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