Annabel's 3rd Birthday Party

Our baby girl turned 3 years old on May 31st and we celebrated with a Tinkerbell party the day before her actual birthday. She was thrilled about it all at first then got very, very shy. You just never know how she's going to react. I think she did enjoy it overall. Happy Birthday, sweetie!

Our birthday girl delighted to see the special visitor arriving.

Tink is here! Making balloon creations for the kids.

Annabel's balloon magic wand.

Grandma took care of Sammy during the party. He was pleased as punch!

Bubbles!More bubbles!

Annabel playing party games with Tinkerbell.

Finding the little bottle of bubbles under the pillow.

The family with Tinkerbell.

Annabel still being shy about posing (or talking to or being anywhere near) Tink.

Mmmmm, cake!

The cupcakes I made for the kids.

The singing is done, the candles blown out, let's eat cake!

Happy Birthday, Annabel!


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