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Beach Day

We went to Ocean Beach after seeing friends at a birthday party in the Sunset (SF). It was a beautiful day and the girls loved it. Doesn't get much better than this.

Annabel was all about the sand castle.

Paul and the girls hand in hand.

Annie running with the waves.

Building the castle in the goopy sand.

Sammy and me.

Trying to stop the waves (Lucy's idea).

Running with the waves.

Building another castle farther away from the waves.

Basking on the blanket (I wish we had brought an umbrella!).

The day is done. Sandy once again but it was so much fun!

Getting Closer

I am getting closer to the big four-O. Makes me think about what I want in my life as I gradually leave my youth behind. Small goals, simple things really. Learn to cook, be fit and write an article. Better get cracking!

Paul brought home a delicious chocolate cake and I was so happy to celebrate my birthday with my little family. I also got a new memory card for my camera. As Annabel says, "It's like a dream come true!" Thanks, hon.

Sammy at 9 Months

Sammy's 9 months old now so I gave him a bowl full of blueberry-apple sauce and a couple of spoons and let him go for it. He loved it! We won't be doing this everyday though.

He's trying to crawl. It's a work in progress as he mostly just rolls where he needs to go. It'll happen soon enough though, and then the chase will be on!