A Popcorn Kernel

Last night I ran upstairs to put Sammy down for the night and when I returned Annabel said, "Mama, you get dis kernel outta my nose?" WHAT?! I said, "Annie, did you stick a popcorn kernel up your nose?" She replied, "Yes, Mama. You help get it out?"

I tried everything I could think of to get it out. Blowing it out, sucking it out with various suction devices (yes, even a turkey baster when I found the bulb syringe didn't work), washing it out with saline. Nothing worked. So a little after 8 p.m. when Paul got home, she and I went to the ER because I did not want her digging in her nose all night long, possibly lodging it up into her sinuses. Obviously, she can't be trusted with objects and her nose.

After a couple hours of waiting at the ER, during which time she pranced around like a show pony absolutely loving all the attention from the medical personnel and the one-on-one time with Mommy, the ER doc finally made it to us and said, "Oh, yeah. I'll get that right out of there. No problem." It took four of us to hold her down while the doctor extracted the kernel using a long probe-like instrument with a curved loop at the end. I wish I had had a few people and a probe at home to do it myself!

Annabel fought and screamed while getting it removed so I hope that memory will replace the "princess of the ER" experience she seemed to be having. Maybe then she won't stick anything else up her nose.


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