Easter 2009

We had a wonderful Easter this year. Easter baskets, egg hunts, a visit from Grandma and a wonderful family dinner. A great way to celebrate spring!

Annabel dyed eggs for the second time and came out with her hands dyed just as many lovely shades as the eggs.

Sammy with his new "Samuel" sippy cup the bunny brought.

The girls opened their baskets and promptly moved on to Sammy's treats, with candy in hand, of course.

All dressed up and ready for the Easter egg hunt.

Annabel hunting...

... and finding!

Enjoying the eggs that contained candy and little plastic animals. Sammy is cutting three top teeth at once (ouch!), so he's gnawing on something too but not candy.

Grandma took the kids for a walk. While out walking our friendly Lucy said hi to everybody she met along the way, including our neighbor to whom she explained, "We had a family conflict so Grandma had to take us out for a walk." Our neighbor replied, "Oh! Airing dirty laundry, are we?" Grandma had to explain that the girls had a conflict (i.e., fighting over toys again), not the family!

Paul on the porch.

After naps we had another egg hunt. One was not sufficient.

Turbo egg hunter in her element.


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