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Overheard at Our House

Annabel in the car, reaching and managing to grab the handle on the back of the seat in front of her: "I did it! It's like a dream come true!"

Lucy explaining something to Annabel about her new Cinderella doll's crown: "It's 'betached' to her head. You can't take it off!"

Annabel talking about her hospital bracelet (that she won't let me remove): "It's a very beautiful 'bracelip.' I will keep it forever."

Annabel wanting to see something on the counter that Lucy was up on the step stool seeing: "I want to see! I want to see!" I say, " OK, you're next." Annabel: "I want to be next first!"

More to come...

A Popcorn Kernel

Last night I ran upstairs to put Sammy down for the night and when I returned Annabel said, "Mama, you get dis kernel outta my nose?" WHAT?! I said, "Annie, did you stick a popcorn kernel up your nose?" She replied, "Yes, Mama. You help get it out?"

I tried everything I could think of to get it out. Blowing it out, sucking it out with various suction devices (yes, even a turkey baster when I found the bulb syringe didn't work), washing it out with saline. Nothing worked. So a little after 8 p.m. when Paul got home, she and I went to the ER because I did not want her digging in her nose all night long, possibly lodging it up into her sinuses. Obviously, she can't be trusted with objects and her nose.

After a couple hours of waiting at the ER, during which time she pranced around like a show pony absolutely loving all the attention from the medical personnel and the one-on-one time with Mommy, the ER doc finally made it to us and said, "Oh, yeah…

Easter 2009

We had a wonderful Easter this year. Easter baskets, egg hunts, a visit from Grandma and a wonderful family dinner. A great way to celebrate spring!

Annabel dyed eggs for the second time and came out with her hands dyed just as many lovely shades as the eggs.

Sammy with his new "Samuel" sippy cup the bunny brought.

The girls opened their baskets and promptly moved on to Sammy's treats, with candy in hand, of course.

All dressed up and ready for the Easter egg hunt.

Annabel hunting...

... and finding!

Enjoying the eggs that contained candy and little plastic animals. Sammy is cutting three top teeth at once (ouch!), so he's gnawing on something too but not candy.

Grandma took the kids for a walk. While out walking our friendly Lucy said hi to everybody she met along the way, including our neighbor to whom she explained, "We had a family conflict so Grandma had to take us out for a walk." Our neighbor replied, "Oh! Airing dirty laundry, are we?" Grandma had…

Annabel's Big Girl Bed

After two years and 10 months, our sweet Annabel has finally graduated from the crib to a big girl bed. Our baby girl is getting so big! She was more than ready and did wonderfully the first night. Now, the second and third nights she realized her newfound freedom and ran completely wild around the room and the upstairs, but we are working on that. I'm sure she would have easily transitioned sooner to the bed but first of all we love the containment factor of cribs and secondly we had to search far and wide for this bed and finally found it on craigslist. Worth the wait. She loves it!

Delighted to see it for the first time.

I'm such a big "gril" now!

The view from the door... she's in there somewhere.

Our princess sleeping soundly.

Easter Party at Mommy & Me Preschool

Annabel's Mommy & Me preschool Easter party was Friday. She loves this class because of the singing and dancing, the crafts, the playground and the opportunity to spend time with her best little friend Alyssa (and with me too). Lucy and Sammy came too because Lucy's preschool was out for Good Friday.

Annabel admiring the bunny ears and Easter basket she made.

Lucy painting a picture.


Sammy watching everyone play.

After the Easter egg hunt Annabel posed for a picture with her classmates (just showing only her here).

Mommy and Me (and Me and Me)

This was the start of days and days of candy eating. They consume it like there's no tomorrow. Thank goodness it's almost gone. No more candy until Halloween. Phew!