At Home

The past two days have been tough. Lucy's a trooper despite being in a lot of pain. She needs someone by her side nearly constantly, so we are doing our best to be there for her. Juggling all three kiddos has never been harder.

You won't see any of the hospital pictures because it just wasn't pretty. She looked miserable, with a bloody nose and mouth and in so much pain. After waking up in recovery she became hysterical so they gave her fentanyl, which knocked her out for a half hour, and then they had to repeat this cycle two more times. The first thing she said once she was able to speak was, "I want to go home!" Every time I look at her I keep seeing the same sad little face that we all saw last year and it's just awful.

Let's hope this is the last surgery ever. For now we just try to keep her comfortable despite the setbacks with vomiting and not being able to keep the pain meds down today. We are hoping her tummy troubles get better tomorrow so she can have some relief.


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