Here's a funny story of what happened at our house today during nap/quiet time. Annabel and Sammy were sleeping, and Lucy was playing with the train table. I was upstairs throwing in a quick load of laundry when suddenly I heard a blood curdling scream from Lucy downstairs. I raced downstairs (passing our cat, Sweet Pea, racing upstairs) thinking that she'd fallen on the tile floor and knocked out a tooth or worse. Once I got to her I did a quick once over -- OK, no blood. What on Earth could be wrong? She was crying and spewing something unintelligible -- "waaah -- lollipop -- cat -- waaaah -- Sweet Pea -- tail -- whaaah!" Finally, through the tears after the third repetition I managed to get that somehow Lucy's lollipop got stuck in Sweet Pea's tail and he had run off with it still stuck before Lucy could get it unstuck.

OK, so by this point after understanding the situation, I was laughing (trying to hide it but failing miserably) and I headed back upstairs to retrieve the lollipop from our cat's tail. Poor kitty just stared at me like, "what now?" as I carefully pulled the lollipop out of his very hairy tail. Lucy obviously couldn't eat this lolli with a full head of hair:

Luckily, I had a spare from Halloween, same flavor but without the Valentine's wrapper (which of course bothered her, but, hey, at least she got another lolli!). Disaster averted. Here's Lucy with the lollipop:

And here's our kitty later that night just fine despite a sticky tail:


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