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We Are So Proud

We are so very proud of Lucy. We had our preschool parent/teacher conference today and she got high marks for just about every skill on the report card. It was almost all positive! Here's part of the comment section:

"Lucy is a very sweet little girl. She is enthusiastic and enjoys all areas of the classroom. She is energetic and very aware of what is going on in the classroom. ...
Lucy is incredibly bright and is ready for kindergarten. She will do well although we will miss her enthusiasm and happy attitude."

That just warms a mother's heart. I left the conference feeling so proud of our girl. She has been through a lot in her short life but what a gem she is!

Now if she would just stop picking her nose and trampling people in order to get to the activity areas as well as learn to throw, catch and kick a ball, (three of her trouble spots) we'd be golden!

Potty Talk

I read Olivia Forms a Band to the girls tonight before bed. We got to the part when Olivia (the big sister) needed to go to the bathroom and Ian (the little brother) also needed to go to the bathroom and William (the baby brother) just went in his diaper, so I thought ah-ha a teaching moment! I asked Annabel if she wanted to be like Ian the big brother and start to go on the potty instead of like William the baby who wears diapers. She looked me straight in the eye with a cute little smirk on her face and said, "Hmmm. Actually, I don't know. I just don't know, Mama. I am a big 'gril' but I just don't know. " Ahhhh!!! This kid is smart, very smart, but she is equally as stubborn!

Here she is seeing the world from her own perspective on the trampoline.


Here's a funny story of what happened at our house today during nap/quiet time. Annabel and Sammy were sleeping, and Lucy was playing with the train table. I was upstairs throwing in a quick load of laundry when suddenly I heard a blood curdling scream from Lucy downstairs. I raced downstairs (passing our cat, Sweet Pea, racing upstairs) thinking that she'd fallen on the tile floor and knocked out a tooth or worse. Once I got to her I did a quick once over -- OK, no blood. What on Earth could be wrong? She was crying and spewing something unintelligible -- "waaah -- lollipop -- cat -- waaaah -- Sweet Pea -- tail -- whaaah!" Finally, through the tears after the third repetition I managed to get that somehow Lucy's lollipop got stuck in Sweet Pea's tail and he had run off with it still stuck before Lucy could get it unstuck.

OK, so by this point after understanding the situation, I was laughing (trying to hide it but failing miserably) and I headed back upstairs…

One Year Ago Today

I am in the middle of assembling Valentine's for the girls' preschool parties tomorrow, but I could not let this day pass without recognizing the miracle of life and modern medicine. It's hard to believe that one year ago today my vivacious eldest daughter had just undergone open-heart surgery and was recovering (beautifully!) in the pediatric ICU. I thank my lucky stars that she is a strong girl with a strong heart and that we had the best surgeons, doctors, nurses and overall care during our stay at Children's Hospital. We certainly are blessed.

And look at her today! Amazing, healthy girl!!!

Sammy Has Two New Teeth

Sammy's been gnawing on things, such as this little mouse, for months. Two front bottom teeth finally broke through last week and he's much happier. Yet the gnawing continues... could he be part beaver?

Grandma Sent a Package

Grandma sent a package enclosed with a lot of tape!

It took a while to open but they were determined.

Inside were a lot of cute clothes for the children.

And Valentine's Pez dispensers for the girls. Lucy chose the Koala.

Annabel opened the Cat in the Hat characters.

The second character seemed to confuse her.

Sammy loves his new outfit!
Thanks, Grandma! Happy Valentine's Day!