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Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we were very busy getting ready for the big day. We baked cookies for Santa, made reindeer food, wrote letters to Santa, opened the first present of Christmas and hung the stockings with care. Lucy was so excited about Christmas that she was up until 10 p.m. Wow! That's extremely late for her.

Mixing up some yumminess.
Stirring it up!

Cookie dough ready for baking. We all decided that Santa loves chocolate chip cookies most of all.

Sammy checking out the baking cookies.

The great taste test. They really were good!

Sammy's first chocolate chip cookie.

Sprinkling the reindeer food on the front lawn. For those not in the know, it's oatmeal, sugar, and a whole lot of glitter for the reindeer to snack on while Santa is filling the stockings.

Daddy helping with the reindeer food.

After sprinkling much of his reindeer food into Snowy (the polar bear), Sammy decided to dump it all on the front wall and smear it all around. Fun with sugary sparkles!

The first present of…

Christmas Fun

Just wanted to share some pictures of our pre-Christmas adventures. More photo fun to follow.

Our visit with Santa. Just one child crying this year!
Opening a door on the Advent calendar. They are happy because it's filled with candy.

Decorating the tree.

Sammy pulling off ornaments and breaking anything breakable. (We got smart and pretty much took off the first three feet of ornaments.)

Decorating the gingerbread house.
The finished house. So pretty! Shortly thereafter the kids started pulling off the candy that they had so carefully placed earlier in the evening.

Little White Lie with a Snowy White Beard

I got the dreaded question today. No, not the one about how babies are made. The other one: "Mommy, is Santa real?"

I feel like Lucy is simply too young to be pondering this already, but I probably need to face the fact that at 5 years old she's a pretty sophisticated little kid now. Anyway, I told her that I believe in Santa Claus and that if you believe in Santa, then he is real. She replied that maybe she should believe in Santa this year too. I asked her what made her ask this question and what did she really mean -- had she heard something about Santa (perhaps those stupid WalMart commercials are casting doubt!)? She said she just wanted to know if Santa is real -- if he is a true person.
Oh, dear.

I thought of my Aunt Anna who was devastated to find out from a classmate when she was quite a bit older than Lucy that Santa, in fact, was not real. Aunt Anna was not pleased that my grandparents had led her to believe that Santa existed when he really didn't exist aft…

Lucy's Kindergarten Christmas Performance

Lucy's kindergarten Christmas performance was Friday. She did great. It was in the mulitpurpose room and we were really far back, beyond all the seated grade schoolers, so the pictures aren't great, but I couldn't help but share the few that I got. She's quite the performer! She's always been enthusiastic and it's certainly shines through here. I mean, it wasn't exactly an up close and personal setting but I could still see her sparkle during the performance. That's my girl!

Lucy in red, posing for a photo.

Lucy's kindergarten class, she's in the upper right corner.

During the beginnning of this number they do a little poem but the school kids weren't aware of it, so it was drowned out by their talking. Once the music starts you can see Lucy's flouncy little skirt going! I think she needs a stage for Christmas. They are signing the words of the song in case you are wondering what all the hand gestures are.

I caught the end of this song on…

Annabel's Preschool Christmas Performance

Annabel had her preschool Christmas performance on Thursday. It was festive and fun, and she sang her heart out! Not surprisingly though, little ham that she is. I loved watching her and seeing how much she was enjoying herself. Could I be more proud?

Happily seated next to her best little friend at preschool.
Singing and clapping.

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells!

After the performance in the parish hall we had a sweet snack and wished all her teachers and classmates a Merry Christmas.

A video of her singing Tingalayo, one of her favorites!

Let It Snow!

The morning of Dec. 7, we were treated with a spectacular sight upon awakening. It was snowing at our house! That's right. Snowing! We live in the Bay Area, and snow here, at pretty much sea level, is rare. Like, once every 20 years rare. But it happened, and so I got the girls up when it was still very early, very dark and obviously very cold because we just couldn't contain ourselves. We had to get out and enjoy the snow! Lucy was over the moon (does she get that from me?) with excitement and Annabel liked it too. We made a tiny snowman and marvelled at the snowflakes falling from the sky. After Sam woke up he got in on all the fun and took a quick peek out back at all the snow. All in all, it was wonderful, and for their first experience with snow just could not have been better.

O Christmas Tree

This weekend we found our Christmas tree. We decided to make it an event and drove toward Half Moon Bay where there are a bunch of Christmas tree farms. We picked the first one along the way, which was Santa's Tree Farm. It was surprising fun! They had many acres of trees and many types from which to choose. After a good hike through the hilly Noble Fir field where we found nothing, we found what looked like a good sized one in the Douglas Fir field. Really bushy and healthy looking. The kids all had a great time playing with sticks, rocks and seed pods. We finished with a visit to Santa, some hot cider and a ride on the train. When we got the tree home we found out that is was in fact HUGE! They really do look so much smaller out in the great outdoors, and then when it comes to stuffing it through the front door and standing it up, boy, what a difference! We are happy for our high ceilings. All in all it was great fun and we'll do it again.

Lucy ready for the tree hunt.

The gu…

Thanksgiving at Grandma's House

Our family spent Thanksgiving in Redding, Calif., at my Mom's newly remodeled house. We all had a wonderful time and marveled at how the house turned out. Best of all was spending the holiday together and having a meal with our loved ones who we so rarely get to see.

My cousin Kim and my Uncle John rounding up some beverages for our meal.

Nona, Aunt Anna and Grandpa Red making some gravy.

Sammy with Grandpa Red.

My brother Matt was able to get a rare few days off and made the trip north.

Annabel, Paul, Lucy and AuntAnna.

The family about to enjoy our Thanksgiving meal. Aunt Anna, Grandpa Red, Uncle John, Uncle Mark, my Mom, Matt, Kim, Paul and Nona. Uncle Matt, who is serving in Afghanistan, was in our thoughts as well as Aunt Janet who we missed dearly this first Thanksgiving without her after she passed away in February.

The girls pretty much ate dinner rolls for dinner. Perhaps I need to cook more traditional foods so they can get used to eating it.

My mom and Matt took the kids…