Sunday, November 11, 2012

Disneyland: Take Two

After Paul's month-long business trip (no kidding, 30 days around the entire globe... working), we decided a mini-vacation was in order. A quick trip to Southern California for two days at Disneyland fit the bill. We all missed having everyone around in our family for the month that Paul was gone, so there was nothing like Disneyland to celebrate having our family back together. Really together. Maybe a little too together. Errr, just kidding!

Disneyland: take two  actually was pretty great. In fact, it was better than our first trip of 2012 back in May. I think the whole holiday thing that both amusement parks do kind of took over and made us feel festive and thankful and Christmas-y all rolled into one. There were decorations everywhere. It was impossible not to catch a little of that holiday spirit. So we caught it and had a good time. The crowds were at a minimum, the weather was nice, and we all were in pretty darned good moods for those two short, sweet days.

Our first visit to the new Cars Land.

The kids with a tractor that was not tipped at all during this photo op!

Sammy on Tow Mater's Junkyard Jamboree, the best ride at California Adventure in my opinion.

Annabel loved this ride, too!

The kids met Lightning McQueen. He actually talks and stuff. Pretty exciting, especially for Sammy.

In front of the statue of Stanley and a hub cap tree. The decorations for Cars Land were really creative!

Sammy finally was tall enough to do the Redwood Creek's zip line! He is such a thrill seeker! Totally up his alley.

Lucy doing the rock climbing for the first time at the Redwood Creek Trail

She did it!

The kids met with Santa. This was our only picture with Santa during the entire 2012 season. I dropped the ball with the other Santa photo opportunities. This will do, I suppose, despite the sunny exposure.

Lucy met Marie, the kitten from Aristocats. It was during a dance party with a bunch of characters. Kind of odd to walk into a dance hall with a bunch of characters dancing around with mobs of kids. Fun, but strange all rolled into one!

We watched the Pixar Pals parade for the first time ever.

Lucy waving hi to the Crush, the sea turtle.

Day two was spent at Disneyland. Such a large Christmas tree!

Trying to pull out the sword.

Annabel's favorite: It's a Small World all decked out for the holidays. I must admit it was spectacular!

Mama, It won't open!

Meeting Merida and her bear cub brothers.

Watching the Christmas parade.
A float with Donald, Daisy and Pluto.

Reindeer and Santa!

The kids back at the hotel with souvenirs: Disney baby animals.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

Halloween has become quite the spectacular holiday for our family. We have our pumpkin patch traditions, our pumpkin carving traditions, our decoration and artwork traditions, and, of course, our trick-or-treating extravaganza. All three kids are less frightened of Halloween now, but we still avoid any and all scary houses. Not even candy can get them to walk down the path of would-be haunted houses. Just not worth it to them. Yet.

Annabel's Friday Art. This pumpkin has no teeth because she had just lost yet another front tooth!

Charlotte the spider has decorated our house again.

Charlotte up close.

Sammy's pumpkin collage art.

Annabel's pumpkin collage art.

Lucy's pumpkin collage art.

Pumpkin carving time!

Not impressed with scooping the goop.

Planning her (toothless!) face.

More face planning.

This year for the first time ever Lucy carved her very own pumpkin from start to finish. She was so proud!!!

Funny face!

Carved exactly as drawn. Spooky!

Two of a kind!

Lucy as Spot the dog, Sammy as Spider-Man and Annabel as ballerina girl, all dressed up for the school carnival. 
(Spot the dog's costume was handmade. Worth it because she loved it, but no easy task!)

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Trip

We hit the pumpkin patch early in October because Paul was off on a 30-day long  business trip around the world (yes, really, it was a trip around the entire globe) the next week, so we wanted to fit in some fun fall festivities just prior to his leaving. We went back to Joan's Farm and Pumpkin Patch out on Mines Road after a couple years' hiatus. It was better than I remember it being. They moved the animals to a semi-shady spot with lots of grass growing just outside the pens, so all the kids were picking fistfuls of grass and feeding it to the animals. It was early in the day, so there actually weren't too many people yet, which was nice. However, there were plenty of pumpkins from which to choose, so the kids found three perfect pumpkins to carve come the eve of Halloween. We even packed a lunch, so we got to enjoy the morning and early afternoon out in the sunshine.